Privacy Policy

Effective Date: Aug 24, 2022

Data Collected

FeedbackBot only collects the mimum amount of data it needs in order to function properly, namely:

  • Discord server and channel identifiers. Only channels with specific features are collected (ex: the #fbb-admin channel, or channels flagged as "alpha" or "beta").
  • The feedback count for your server (NOT the actual feedback messages).
  • Message configurations for your server (ex: your custom "Help" and "Thanks" text, along with your list of feedback keywords.)
  • When an error occurs, information about the message/interaction that caused the error is logged, and used purely for debugging purposes.

Third Parties

Data is only sent to third parties in order to properly operate the service (ex: Sending data to the web/database host services).

Contact Me

In the case of any questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy, please ask me in the FeedbackBot Development Discord.