In 2016 a friend of mine was working on a small indie game and invited me and some other friends to playtest it. I was a voracious playtester, and frequently provided bug reports and balance feedback. After playtesting for a few months, I noticed a problem: Even with a small community of ~10 players, feedback and bug reports would get washed away in the message history, and the developers wouldn't see them unless they read through hundreds of messages every day.

I decided to make my friend a bot that could aggregate the feedback so that no other bug reports or suggestions were lost. That bot was the original FeedbackBot, and by the time the game hit Early Access it had accumulated over 3,000 pieces of feedback. That game went on to become Slay The Spire. FeedbackBot became SpireBot, and 3,000 pieces of feedback became over 22,000.

I've seen how useful FeedbackBot can be, so I decided to make a version that is usable by anyone, for whatever they're making. I hope you find FeedbackBot useful, and if you have feedback or suggestions, let me know in the FeedbackBot Development Discord.